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How Much Are Hot Tubs?

The cost of hot tubs varies according to their size and design. For instance, inflatable hot tubs are typically less expensive than hard shell hot tubs because they are much more basic. Hard shell hot tubs typically start at roughly £5,000, though very basic models could be significantly less expensive.
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In general, you should budget a few thousand pounds if you're thinking about buying a hot tub. This cost however can usually be split into affordable monthly sums as most businesses provide finance payment alternatives. Large, opulent hot tubs normally cost between £7k and £8k, however some retailers may have versions that cost £20,000 or more!

Prices at Direct Hot Tubs begin at just £3749. We believe our spas are the most reasonably priced in the nation. We are so confident in this that if you discover a hot tub for less with equivalent features, a similar finance option, and similar service terms, we will offer a price match or a full refund on the price difference!

It's crucial to take delivery and maintenance costs into account when buying a hot tub in addition to the spa's purchase price. Fortunately, at direct hot tubs our delivery and hot tub positioning service is included in the price of your spa, a service you don't often see with other hot tub retailers!
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As for spa upkeep, factoring the cost of cleaning materials can be tricky at first as this will depend on how often you plan to use your spa and the size of it. Larger hot tubs that are used more often will require more frequent cleanings and sanitization. However, once you have familiarised yourself with this process, you will be able to work out the costs more accurately. For instance, a 1kg jar of chlorine granules (£10.99) will sterilise a five-person spa 40 times when used at full capacity. This implies that a £10.99 container of chlorine would last for more than 5 weeks with very vigorous use. All in all, hot tub cleaning materials and sanitizers work out to be fairly inexpensive when it comes down to cost per use, however it is still worth it to work out the cost.

Over the colder months, many hot tub owners decide to "winterize" their hot tubs. Winterizing is the term used to describe emptying and shutting down the hot tub for the winter season. This not only dramatically lowers annual operating costs but also lowers cleaning and maintenance costs for this season.