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Hot Tubs Cornwall


We offer free hot tub delivery and positioning throughout Cornwall.

hot tubs cornwall
Our fully trained staff use specialist, top of the range equipment to ensure the safest delivery of your hot tub. This equipment includes electric pallet mover, spa trolley, airbags and a spa sled for tighter gaps.
For the smoothest delivery possible we request that you adhere to our positioning requirements including:

•Ensure there is sufficient width on route to your hot tubs final position. The hot tub and hot tub trolley should be able to go around corners easily. There should be no sharp turns with less than two metres clearance. If access is smaller than this we can make amendments please contact us beforehand to discuss your options
• No steep steps (over 15cms high) if the hot tub needs to be taken up more than one step, please consult us before hand and provide photos
• No fences for the hot tub to be lifted over
• No steep gradients
• No obstacles that could block or restrict access• At least 1.05m width and 2.4m height clearance throughout route from our vehicle to your hot tubs final position
spa sled and hot tub trolly
We are able to make amendments to suit more difficult positioning however we must be contacted beforehand to discuss. Unfortunately, if you do not comply with our requirements your delivery and positioning could be affected. It is in your best interest to notify us of anything that may hinder your delivery process. If we are unable to carry out the delivery, position or install, you will be issued with a charge, see our full terms and conditions for more information.

Preparing for Hot Tub Delivery

Hot Tub Surface

Your hot tub will need a flat base that is able to withstand the weight of your hot tub when both dry and full. On average, the dry weight of a hot tub is around 350 to 400 kilos and even more for very large models. When the hot tub is full of water the weight will be around two tonnes. We recommend a solid concrete base around 10 – 15cm deep for your hot tub.

Hot Tub Electrical Supply

Plug and Play Hot Tubs

Our 13 AMP Plug and play hot tubs simply require an outdoor waterproof plug socket (with RCD protection) to run. We supply our plug and play models with 2-3 metres of cable and a UK plug.

32-40 AMP hot tubs

For non plug and play hot tubs which are 32 AMP or above a fully qualified electrician will need to wire the hot tub directly to your electrical supply. For more information on electrical installation visit our hot tub preparation guide.