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Hot Tubs Leicester

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Direct Hot Tubs supply and deliver luxury home spas throughout the UK. Our hot tub warehouse is based in Astley, Leicester. Since our family business became established in 2004, we have made many successful deliveries to happy customers in our local area.

Safe and Professional Delivery

The Direct Hot Tubs delivery team are fully trained to ensure the safest and smoothest delivery of your hot tub. We also use specialist equipment to transport and position your hot tub. Our delivery service is completely free and includes final positioning.

To make sure the delivery and hot tub positioning process runs as smoothly as possible, we ask that certain requirements are met. This includes allowing adequate room for the transportation of the hot tub from our delivery vehicle to its final position. We also ask there are no steep gradients or steps.

If you are concerned of any obstructions that may hinder the delivery process please get in touch with us to discuss your options. We are able to make amendments for more difficult delivery routes such as removing fence panels or using a spa sled for narrower gaps. However, we must be informed before delivery to prevent charges.

We also offer hot tub installation for £250. This includes wiring the hot tub to your electricity supply*, filling the hot tub, adding and balancing chemicals, building the hot tub step and cover lifter, check and explain all hot tub functions and control system and explain chemical functions and doses.

*For hot tubs 32amp and over the electrical cabling will be to be installed by a fully qualified electrician. The electrician will need to leave enough trailing cable to reach to furthest point of the spa.

For full details on delivery please visit our delivery specifications page.

Preparing for Your Hot Tub

Surface & Positioning

We recommend placing your hot tub on a flat, concrete surface with at least a 10cm depth. If you would like to position your hot tub on a lawn or deck, you will need to make amendments and ensure the area you are placing your hot tub on is reinforced to withstand its weight. Your average family hot tub has a dry weight of around 350 to 400 kilograms and a full hot tub will weigh roughly around two tonnes.

Electricity Supply

At direct hot tubs we stock both plug and play hot tubs and hot tubs which require wiring to the mains. Plug and play hot tubs can be plugged directly into an outdoor socket with RCD protection. Our other hot tubs (32 amp and above) will need to be wired to your mains electricity supply by a qualified electrician. For more information on electrical preparation please visit our dedicated information page here.
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