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How to Clean Hot Tub Filter

When it comes to hot tub maintenance, a clean filter is a must. Your hot tubs filter has a very important job; not only does it help to make the water more visibly clean it also helps to keep the water sanitary and safe for bathing.
hot tub filter and cleanerStep One: Turn off your hot tubS

Once the filter is removed, any dirt or debris present in the water can become drawn into the circulation pump or heater. To avoid this issue, turn off the power supply to your spa before removing the filter.

Step Two: Remove the filter

Most hot tub filters are very easy to remove and install, however the removal process will always vary depending on your hot tub model.

Within our spa range, you will typically find access to the filter housing on the surface of your spas shell. The filter housing is easily opened by twisting the lid in an anti-clockwise motion. The filter is then removed using the same unscrewing motion. In doing so, you will feel the filter loosen, at this point it can easily be lifted out.

Your hot tubs filter should not be heavy. If your filter feels heavier than usually this could indicate more frequent cleaning is needed or that the filter needs to be changed altogether.

During the filter removal process, we advise that you wear gloves, and thoroughly wash hands after handling. Hot tub filters can harbour a lot of bacteria as it is their job to remove it.
hot tub foaming
Step Three: jet wash the filter

Jet washing is by far the most effective method for removing trapped dirt from your hot tubs filter. You will notice your filter is comprised of an accordion-like paper folds. To get between these grooves, it is necessary to use a little force. Alternative to a jet wash is a filter brush and elbow grease, however this method can be more laborious and time consuming.

Some hot tub owners use a simple garden hose to rinse out their filter however this will not remove most dirt and grease effectivley. If you prefer to use this method, we reccomend using a filter cleaning solution as well as this will help to break down dirt and oil. Filter cleaning solutions can also be used in addition to any of the previously mentioned methods to provide a deeper clean.

We recommend jet washing your filter to achieve the greatest results. Simply soaking your filter or using a standard garden hose will still leave dirt behind. Be sure to spray the filter at a 45 degree angle to avoid pushing dirt into the filter or damaging the folds.

Alternatively, you can user a filter cleaner solution. These usually come in a tablet or the filter dry in a sunny spot is even better, as the UV light will help to remove bacteria even further.

Step Four: Let the filter dry

This step isn't entirely necessary but for the best possible clean, we recommend allowing the filter to dry completely before placing back in the hot tub. Allowing the filter to dry completely helps to prevent the growth of bacteria and will help kill off any remaining microorganisms that haven't been washed off during the cleaning process. Choose a dry spot with plenty of natural sunlight. Not only will this help the filter to dry quicker, but the UV light will help to break down any remaining bacteria.

Tip: Buy a second filter so you always have one clean, dry filter to hand which can be swapped out with the dirty one immediately.