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Installation, What's Involved

Here at Combined Shipping Co Ltd we provide an installation service at the cost of £250.  To help you decide if this option is for you, here is what is carried out in the process.

1. Connect Your Electrics
Our technician will not provide any electrical installation work, you will need a fully qualified electrician to provide this service with them leaving enough trailing cable to reach the Spa control box.  For plug and play versions, you will need an outdoor waterproof socket with RCD protection.  Our technician will connect the cables to the inside of the spa or plug in the plug and play version.

2. Fill Your Spa & Explain How to Use the Chemicals
The technician will then fill your spa with water through the filter housing, this can take anything from 1 hour to 2 hours to fill, in this time the technician will run through all the chemicals in the starter kit explaining how and when to use them.

3. Explain the Control Panel Functions
The technician will then run through all the functions of the control system, showing you how to use it.

4. Build Steps & Attach Cover Lifter
The technician will build the step, also he will build and attach the cover lifter, with a demonstration how to use the cover lifter.

5. Final Checks
The technician will check and demonstrate all the functions of the Spa which includes, lights, jets, diverters, features, pumps and check to ensure there are no leaks.

This process can take anything from 1-2 hours to complete, our technician will spend time with the Customer to ensure they are completely happy with all the Spa functions and operations before completing the installation process.