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Pillow Maintenance

Pillows are great feature for any Hot Tub as they add that extra comfort to a relaxing soak, however, over time the pillows can fade as they are constantly soaking in water and chemicals.  As chemicals are a necessity to any Spa, here is our recommendation to prolong the life of your pillows:-
  1. Once you add your chemicals, leave the jets on with the cover off for 10 minutes in order for any fumes to escape. 
  2. Fill the level of water to just below your pillows.
  3. After every water change, clean your pillows with a mild cleanser. 
  4. Check on a regular basis your Chlorine, Bromine, pH and alkalinity levels.
  5. If you really want those Pillows to last forever, remove them totally when not in use and rinse off with clean water to remove any chemicals.