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Trouble Shooting Guide


This is a video guide on the most common Spa & Hot Tub faults

  1. Water Chemistry
  2. Bluetooth Pairing Issues
  3. Fault Codes
  4. Hot Tub Not Heating
  5. Leaks
  6. Jets not Working or too powerful or not powerful enough
  7. Nosiy Pump
  8. Power Tripping
  9. White Marks around Spa
Hot Tub is Leaking

If your Spa is new and you experience a leak, firstly check all pipe unions as it is not unusual for these to become loose during transit.  If after all unions have been tightened and you are still experiencing a leak, please contact us so we can arrange an engineer to visit and repair.


Power Tripping

To isolate the culprit, shut-off the power source and then disconnect the system's major components including: pumps, heater, blower and ozonator etc.

Turn the power on, if it now trips, your problem is isolated to the wiring or circuit board.  If the spa does not trip, plug these things back in one at a time until the hot tub trips again. (Make sure power is off whenever connecting or disconnecting components). When it trips, you've located the culprit. If it is not one of these, check for bad wire connections, missing or burnt insulation or chafes, and loose screws or corrosion on terminals. If that is not the problem, sometimes a heater element that is going bad will cause the hot tub to trip.

Warning: Electrical repairs can be dangerous. We recommend that electrical service be referred to a qualified technician. Regardless of who performs the work, make certain that all electrical power to the hot tub or spa is disconnected prior to making any inspections or repairs. This information is provided for educational purposes only. If you hire a qualified technician, this will give you a better understanding of the diagnostic process involved.


Why is my hot tub not heating?

First check your instructions manual, many control panels come with different modes for example the preheat mode will only work at certain times of the day. This is normally used for example when you are at work but want the spa heated for the time you come home and not heating constantly. In this mode the spa control panel will usually say preheat and look like the heater is on when in fact it is just an alarm type display showing the spa will heat at the set time. Also most spas have water level sensors which need to be covered by the water line before the spa will switch the heater on, again check your hot tub instructions manual.

Next check yourfilter, as a clogged filter can restrict water flow, and with little or no flow, there will be no heat either. Try taking the filter out and running the spa for an hour if the water now circulates properly and the temperature rises two degrees Celsius or more in an hour replace your filter.

Another frequent cause is an air lock, especially if you just drained your hot tub. To clear an air lock, first locate and close the valve on the intake side of your pump. Then, on the outflow side of the pump, loosen the pipe union just enough turns to allow the trapped air to escape and fill with water. Retighten the union, open intake valve, and run spa to verify correction of the problem. If an air lock or clogged filter proves not to be the culprit, the cause could be a damaged heater or on some occasions the pump or control board.

If you have followed the instructions to the point where the problem maybe be a damaged heater check the heater indicator light usually located on the top of the heater (although the positioning may be different when connected to the plumbing). If it is not lit, then you are likely not getting power to the heater. You could have a defective pressure or flow switch. If none of these components is the culprit, it may be a bad relay on the main circuit board. If the light is on, but water is not circulating, the heater will not work. If the indicator is on, and water is circulating, then you most likely have a defective heater or heater element.


Why are the jets not working?


The most common cause for jet pressure issues is a dirty or clogged filter.  Try running your spa with the filter out, if this improves performance considerably, then you may have found the culprit.

A broken impeller blade, bad pump bearings will (often indicated by a progressively loud motor or a grinding noise) could cause your pump to operate at a reduced speed, and pump less water.

If air jets are weak, check for obstructions, inspect the blower if so equipped, and check gasket seals around the jet fittings.  If the water coming out of your jets is normal, but they no longer spin, they may be stuck from scale deposits.  Remove the affected jets and soak them in and treat your hot tub with a stain and scale preventer.


We are available 7 days a week, should you require any further assistance.