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Hot Tub Delivery Specifications

In order for us to deliver and position your spa successfully we must request the following applies:

- No steps over 15cm high (any more than 1 step we would need to see photos)
- No Walls
- No Fences
- No steep Gradients to go up or down
- Clear pathway to spas desired location
- Other obstacles that could block/restrict our passage
- 1.15 meter width clearance and 2.4 meter Height clearance throughout the entire pathway from vehicle to spa base (Trolley width 97cm)
- No sharp turns with less than 2 meters clearance

Please Note: If you do not comply with the above points or keep information from us that could affect us delivering and positioning your spa on the date of delivery, we have the right to refuse delivery. It is in your best interest to notify us of everything, no matter how small, that may prevent us being able to deliver your spa prior to date of delivery as we may have a solution or could bring certain equipment on the day to assist us with manoeuvring the spa. If we are in a position where we are unable to carry out our service on the day, the spa will either be delivered to the kerb or returned to our distribution Centre, and your delivery charge will not be refundedIf at this stage you wish to arrange the delivery for a later date you will be required to pay the full delivery/position charge again.

Please also note that we exclude any liability for damage to lawns/borders if we are required to cross to effect position.