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The Effects of High or Low PH Levels

Are you having issues with your hot tub water? Perhaps skin irritation after going in the spa? Or is your water not quite right?

It is extremely important to keep your pH levels between 7.2 and 7.8 - having pH levels that are higher than 7.8 or lower than 7.2 can cause problems not only for the hot tub but also for you!

A pH level which is too high causes calcium build up, it also causes people to often experience itchy skin and burning eyes.  Keeping your Chlorine levels where they should be is also much more tricky when your pH level is too high.

A pH level which is too low can cause your hot tubs metal components to corrode which will be expensive to replace and void your warranty. As with high pH people will experience itchy dry skin and burning of the eyes and nose. Low pH causes rapid dissipation of chlorine requiring more frequent additions of the chemical to keep the levels correct.
In order to avoid this its important to use your pH test strips to check your pH levels on a regular basis, especially just before getting in.

If you do encounter a problem with high pH, use a pH Decreaser product to get it back within the correct range.  If your pH is too low, use a pH Increaser product to raise the level.

Keeping your hot tub’s pH levels correct will create a more comfortable environment, help you avoid scale and calcium buildup, and help keep your hot tub equipment free of corrosion.