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White Mould in Hot Tub

What is White Mould?

White mould is a Fungai which looks like a white mucus, tissue paper or toilet paper and is resistant to Chlorine or Bromine. 

How did it get there?

It can be caused by soaps, lotions and other substances transferred into the hot tub by the bather, it then quickly spreads across the Hot Tub into the filters and pipes.   If you find you have this in your Hot Tub you are going to need to solve this as quickly as possible, so grab your rubber gloves!

How to Treat White Mould
  1. Drain your Spa
  2. Clean all the surfaces, especially where you see the mould the most
  3. Remove your filters and give them a good jet wash until they are completely clean, if over 12 months old replace the filters with new ones
  4. Refill your Spa
  5. Shock your Spa with triple dose shock treatment
  6. Drain your Spa
  7. Refill your Spa and shock treatment with a normal dose of shock
  8. Test the water and balance your chemicals.

If you are really unsure, we can arrange for your Hot Tub to receive a full service, where the Spa will be biofilm flushed by a professional.  For more information on our Service Package please click the following link:-