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Our winter shutdown service for your spa
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If you're thinking of shutting your hot tub down for winter, we can help.

The winter shutdown process isn't easy (we have a guide on it here). If the pipework isn't drained properly it can freeze and expand, creating big leaks when you restart your spa in the spring.

Our Freeze Service handles all of this for you, whilst giving your hot tub a spring clean at the same time.

Whats involved?

Most importantly, we'll completely drain your spa. We'll hoover any residue out of the spa and will even leave your unions open to allow any condensation to exit.

Over time your hot tub will build up a layer of dirt and fats that sit in the pipework unnoticed. We'll completely flush the pipework with our biofilm remover solution. This may help to make your water easier to manage, along with increasing the efficiency of the pumps.

Filters will be soaked and cleaned thoroughly, improving their effectiveness.

We'll empty, and clean the surface of your spa.

Your spa will be refilled with sparking clean water, and we'll re-balance your chemicals.

After months of heavy use, your pumps will acculate small amounts of air. We'll remove these allowing the pumps to operate at full power once again.
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